Author: kushal

11 BEST Free Live Sports Streaming Sites of 2020

Sports streaming sites are a new trend today. Modern people with a busy schedule can now watch their favorite players play the game whenever they want. Free sports streaming sites are web portals where you can enjoy your favorite sports games. Since everyone has access to high-speed Internet connectivity, it’s easy for people to watch ….  Read More

How to Encrypt a File on Android, Windows, iOS, Linux and MacOS

Encrypting a file or document is the easiest way to prevent other people from accessing its content. Thus, unless we have the password or decryption key it will be practically impossible to see what it contains. In the next post we will see what methods we can use in most operating systems to encrypt a ….  Read More

How To Disable Automatic Updates in Windows 10

Unlike previous versions of Windows, in Windows 10 it is not easy to disable automatic system updates (Windows Update). Before we could choose whether to download them automatically or not, when and how to install them. But in Windows 10 – unless we have the Enterprise version installed – the process is a bit complicated.

20 Great Movies to Watch With Your Family

We live in a highly demanding society, in which we spend a lot of time carrying out different obligations and activities that leave us little time for family leisure. And this is very necessary, since it allows us to share time and get involved in the lives of our loved ones.